Into The Quiet is the second collaboration between electronic ambient visionary Deborah
Martin and renowned Oboist Jill Haley. Into The Quiet follows 2021’s The Silence Of Grace,
which received numerous accolades—including making Zone Music Reporter’s Top 20 albums
of the year. Once again, Martin and Haley blend electronic textures and classical
instrumentation into works of rapturous calm. Whereas The Silence Of Grace was inspired by
the beauty of the natural world, Into The Quiet draws from internal landscapes, inspired by the
idea that one must go “into the quiet” to find what is hidden in themselves.

These eight compositions demonstrate the depth and intricacies that stillness can contain.
Opener “Sleeping Giants” surges with choral warmth. On the title track, flute and horn wend
around a warbling synth loop. “Hall of Whispers” is simultaneously melancholy and pastoral;
harp and oboe play a shimmering duet while low textures ebb and flow around like wind
whistling through ruins of ancient stone.

Into The Quiet reunites two masters of their craft and the result is spellbinding. These eight
pieces show the serenity of space, allowing each note and melody to naturally unwind, and
inviting the listener to do the same.