About Dreaming Edge

The closer you are to an edge the more you are at risk. Everyone has dreams but only those willing to take the risk bring their dreams to fruition. The Dreaming Edge is where it begins . . .

– Deborah Martin-Lemmon

(The cloud image in the header is edged by the Kinishba Ruins located on the White Mountain Apache Reservation)


Is creativity limited to a single expression? Do you have more than one dream? Do all your dreams inspire you the same?

When I hold sacred for a time a dream the music begins to flow from the depths of my soul into the expression of my art. Sometimes as a gentle flow, like a soft gentle breeze on a spring morning – often a rush, like an exhilarating icy stream flowing in late winter. The sounds dance and weave in my mind waiting patiently for my instruments to catch up. The music is alive seeking only simple form like everything in this universe.



Where it all happens. A cozy cottage in the country . . .