February 2024

Below is the official video for Deborah Martin & Erik Wøllo new release — Kinishba. This was a follow up project from Between Worlds from a few years back. The link below this one is a video dedicated to one of the tracks from Kinishba

Heart of The Warrior

July 2023

In to the Quiet is another release by Deborah Martin and Jill Haley for you to enjoy. We had so much fun creating The Silence of Grace that we were inspired to share another musical adventure.

October 2022

Under the title Desensitized, Deborah Martin and Dean De Benedictis have created their second musical score as a follow up to Hemispherica Portalis

June 2022

Jill and I thank you for your support with our release last year–The Silence of Grace–and we would love to meet and chat with you. You are invited to our Watch Party and see you on the chat room.