Anno Domini

Deborah Martin and J. Arif Verner, two artists known for their mastery of subtlety and the essence of understatement, come together to create a haunting work that blurs the line lying somewhere betwee... Read More


“We took a trip through Tibet to experience, first hand, the majesty, beauty and spirit of the “Land above the clouds” Our hope is that these musical impressions will take you, the listener... Read More


Convergence is an imaginative collaboration by Deborah Martin, Greg Klamt and Mark Rownd. With its impressive array of acoustic percussion and melodic instruments combined with lush atmospheres, it is... Read More

Ancient Power

Undercurrents of thundering tribal drums and primal rhythms awaken the wisdom of the ancients while haunting Native flute and keyboard melodies conjure the elements of the Earth in this greatly antici... Read More